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FFR is an inter-regional cooperative working behind the scenes to provide plant breeding and agronomy services in support of many seed brands and agronomy programs.  FFR provides research services to members, affiliated regional cooperatives, independent seed companies and providers of seed related products and services in the eastern cornbelt and mid-atlantic agricultural production region.

FFR uses modern field research and technology equipment and strategies to evaulate crop performance and input technologies designed to make crop production more efficient.  Data from FFR field research enables customers to evaluate various management techniques and practices to help determine "best practices" strategies for cooperatives and farmers in their crop production systems.

FFR also plants and maintains high quality plots for training salespeople and technical agronomists so that resources of the agribusiness system can be efficiently delivered to farms.

FFR New headquarters near Lafayette, IN was finished in 2001. Contact Information
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4846 E 450 N
Lafayette, IN 47905
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